Payments, clearing,
and settlements
in real-time

The asset tokenization system and network for settlements and cross-border cross-currency B2B payments of any size.

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The solution allows a network of geographically distributed financial institutions to exchange payment information and valuables worldwide in a matter of seconds, using digital settlement instruments based on a distributed ledger and ISO 20022 financial messages for clearing and settling international payments in real-time.


Cloud Solution

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Comprehensive Infrastructure

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Under the hood.

TKEY7 is a complex of flexible, interconnected infrastructures designed as a single ecosystem consisting of a distributed ledger, payment messaging system, settlement network, asset tokenization technology, and exchange infrastructure. The solution enables banks and financial institutions to execute FX transactions in real-time and process payments of any size with simultaneous clearing and settlement and immediate availability of funds to the ultimate beneficiary, ensuring full transparency and finality of transactions 24/7 and on an ongoing basis.

Data Center

Distributed ledger

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Data immutability
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Transaction authenticity and transparency

Lack of a single data management center

Messaging and Transaction Center

Payment network

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Payment pre-validation
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End-to-end processing

Cloud and network management

Quotation exchange center

Exchange system

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P2P exchange
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Unconditional finality and accuracy of settlements

Lightning fast, modern and simple

TKEY7 is developed per the primary industry standards and rules for systemically important payment systems and is based on several fundamental principles.

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Complete visibility and control over the transaction before the payment is sent—KYC and risk information, total transaction value, expected time of funds delivery, fees and exchange rate are known in advance, and the sender and recipient of the payment can track the status in real-time.

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24/7/365 Availability

The TKEY7 network operates 24/7, enabling financial institutions to process payments for their customers anywhere in the world instantly, reliably, and economically at any time.

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Instant, irrevocable, and final interbank settlements with immediate availability of funds to the payee—currency exchange on DvP settlements in real-time.

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The system supports payments of any size, from micropayments to bulk payments, immediate and deferred net settlement options, and various settlement instruments that allow members to flexibly choose how they are willing to exchange value and make settlements in TKEY7.

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TKEY7 is based on DLT technology, an immutable ledger representing a single repository and data processing center for mutual claims and obligations of members. The digital database is updated every few seconds and contains the final entry of each completed interbank transaction in TKEY7.

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All payment data is transmitted directly between the payment parties via a secure connection—neither the company nor a third party has access to the data. The server systems of financial institutions interact with TKEY7 via secure HTTPS connections and use OAuth 2.0 for authentication.


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Accelerated Transformation

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The World Is Changing—So Can We.

Rapid payment systems, сentral bank digital currencies, the upcoming conversion to the ISO 20022 messaging standard, and the gradual extension of the settlement clock to a 24x7x365 cycle—create a new environment for financial institutions, which need to rethink their existing payment strategy and infrastructure to remain relevant.

TKEY7 offers market participants a more modern, fast, and transparent way to process cross-border payments of any size with compliance with regulatory requirements and control at every level through a simple API connection.

Up to 10 days.
Up to 60 days.

Rapid Integration

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Transparent Pricing

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Rate plans are straightforward—you pay for completed transactions.

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TKEY7 has low clearing fees and no FX fees—request a price list and see for yourself.


Adapting with Innovation

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Take advantage of this booming market.

In the era of rapid digital development, old and bureaucratic systems against the background of modern technologies are becoming expensive and complex, and financial institutions need to implement best practices to remain competitive in this new world. TKEY7 offers a functionally compatible and scalable solution that can significantly simplify business processes, reduce costs and risks, increase margins and help stay ahead of the progressive market trends.

Graph comparing the cost of a traditional system and TKEY7.
Payment transactions -65%
Liquidity -18%
Claims and treasury operations -71%
Compliance -21%
FX expenses -76%
Network management and overhead -33%
The traditional system. Data source: McKinsey.
TKEY7 system.
The value expressed in parts per cross-border transaction.
Up to 18% savings in operational efficiency and liquidity management. Up to 76% reduction in total transaction costs.

Development with Confidence

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Your success—our growth.

The solution helps your business significantly reduce payment processing costs through lower rates, liquidity costs, low pre-funding requirements, efficient messaging with complete transaction visibility, instant confirmation, and understanding of transactions, including online liquidity monitoring.

The infrastructure is an excellent alternative to traditional banking settlement systems, with TKEY7 international transactions as straightforward as domestic bank transfers.


Scaling with Technology

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Accelerate digital transformation.

Upgrade your banking infrastructure with our innovative technology—no more unpleasant surprises, and your customers will smile.

Network of growing opportunities

Universal payment support, integrated clearing with ISO 20022 payment messages, and real-time FX settlement, net, and immediate settlement options using interchangeable digitized settlement instruments.

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tkey7 & timelessy


A centralized source of rich transaction information—all data is available to the relevant parties immediately, which allows you to optimize KYC/CDD and AML/CFT and reduce the need for phone calls and emails.

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tkey7 & timelessy

Treasury and network management

Complete visibility into incoming transactions with the ability to release and optimize liquidity—reducing back reporting and reconciliation time with more simplified risk management.

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FX market and transactions

The ability to replenish funds in local currency and round-the-clock access to competitive foreign exchange rates with predictable currency exchange in real-time.

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We are building a global network of international business payments to more than 100+ countries.
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